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Executive Summary of Recommendations

Download this document to get an executive summary of academic conduct.

If you have any questions, reach out to the University Honor Council.

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Faculty Resources

One of the chief roles of the University Honor Council is to serve as a conduit for student feedback to Deans and faculty.


To this end, we encourage any faculty or staff to reach out to our email: with any questions.

The University Honor Council recently released a brief packet of recommendations for steps faculty can take to prevent academic integrity violations and to promote a fair a scholarly environment. 

Download the packet below for reference!

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Preventing Cheating in the Classroom

Maintaining an honest classroom environment is important.

Preventing cheating is an important part of that process. The Center for Teaching and Learning has compiled suggestions for techniques faculty can use to prevent cheating. 

Click the link below to see these suggestions!

The University of Pennsylvania Honor Council

207 Duhring Wing

236 S. 34th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-6303

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