The University Honor Council of the University of Pennsylvania (UHC) is an undergraduate student body that promotes academic integrity and honorable conduct in the Penn community. Working closely with the Office of Student Conduct, we run several initiatives to this end. Moreover, members of the UHC send representatives to sit on student conduct hearings.


The UHC actively lobbies all parts of the University to promote academic integrity and ethical conduct. We strive to achieve these by educating fellow students via various campaigns and presentations. In addition, we serve as members of the judicial board for undergraduate academic integrity and conduct-related affairs. We are independent from all other student groups, and receive funding and support through the Office of the Provost.


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How to Join: The Honor Council holds a competitive application process each Fall. Keep an eye out for our information session and table during the annual fall SAC fair!



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Have a question to ask University Honor Council? Feel free to message us about honor on campus, questions about academic integrity, and anything related to UHC. We look forward to hearing from you!

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